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As you can see, in my 32 years of existence, I have had the chance to live throughout the world. I am currently living in Basel Switzerland (But it surely won’t be my last destination).

As a result of my many journeys, I have seen the world with different eyes: tasted different food, learnt to speak different languages and adapt in different countries and cultures. All of which taught me to be curious, patient, comprehensive and most of all multicultural.

Each experience was a gift, and allowed me to see the world differently, and has driven myself to keep looking for new adventures, new scenery and eager to discover more each day.

This is how I’ve come to see through a lens, to keep searching for nature’s treasure, a story in a person’s face or posture, an emotion through an animal’s eyes.

So let me share my photographs, Each tells a unique story… my story.


Specialized in Events photography as well as Architectural. Having worked as a freelance photographer for several architectural magazines as well as event companies throughout the years I have a long portfolio. You will be able to have a look at some of the events and places I attended on this website even though, to protect places and people's privacy, some photos are protected with a password.

Mizrahi Photography solely moves around to your desired location for your event.  making you feel at ease and always make sure we have a good time. It is important for me to get to photograph people where they feel most comfortable to obtint the most natural result.

If you wish to know more do not hesitate to contact Mizrahi Photography and hope to meet you soon and capture the best moments that you will preserve forever. contact@mizrahiphotography.com 

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+41 (0) 76 404 63 43